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  1. We want everything to look good out of the box.
  2. Really just the first reason, that's the whole point of the plugin.
  3. Here's a third pretend reason though a list with three items looks more realistic than a list with two items.

Typography should be easy

So that's a header for you — with any luck if we've done our job correctly that will look pretty reasonable. Something a wise person once told me about typography is:

Typography is pretty important if you don't want your stuff to look like trash. Make it good then it won't be bad.

Peter Rodan

To switch directories, type cd followed by the name of the directory.
To edit settings, press Ctrl + ,

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What to expect from here on out

What follows from here is just a bunch of absolute nonsense I've written typographic element I could think of, like bold text, unordered lists, ordered lists, code blocks, block quotes, and even italics.

You can use the mark tag to highlight text.

This line of text is meant to be treated as deleted text.

This line of text is meant to be treated as no longer accurate.

This line of text is meant to be treated as an addition to the document.

This line of text will render as underlined.

This line of text is meant to be treated as fine print.

This line rendered as bold text.

This line rendered as italicized text.

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It's important to cover all of these use cases for a few reasons:

A caption for the above image.

Now I'm going to show you an example of an unordered list to make sure that looks good, too:

  • So here is the first item in this list.
  • In this example we're keeping the items short.
  • Later, we'll use longer, more complex list items.

And that's the end of this section.

Code should look okay by default.

I think most people are going to use Prism or something if they want to style their code blocks but it wouldn't hurt to make them look okay out of the box, even with no syntax highlighting.

What I've written here is probably long enough, but adding this final sentence can't hurt.


Hopefully that looks good enough to you.

There are other elements we need to style

I almost forgot to mention links, like this link to the Bootstrap CSS website. We almost made them blue but that's so yesterday, so we went with dark gray, feels edgier.

We even included table styles, check it out:

Wrestler Origin Finisher
Bret “The Hitman” Hart Calgary, AB Sharpshooter
Stone Cold Steve Austin Austin, TX Stone Cold Stunner
Randy Savage Sarasota, FL Elbow Drop
Vader Boulder, CO Vader Bomb
Razor Ramon Chuluota, FL Razor's Edge

We also need to make sure inline code looks good, like if I wanted to talk about <span> elements or tell you the good news about @bootstrap/typography.

Phew, with any luck we have styled the headings above this text and they look pretty good.

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Let's add a closing paragraph here so things end with a decently sized block of text. I can't explain why I want things to end that way but I have to assume it's because I think things will look weird or unbalanced if there is a heading too close to the end of the document.